Another Android handset on the way?

Another Android to land, thanks for the tip off engadget.

HTC are fulfilling our dreams of a world full of phone run on the Android platform, with the launch of the HTC Hero. HTC teased up at the beggining of the year with an annoucement that they would be releasing 3 new handsets in 2009.

The HTC Hero is rumoured to be available in a range of bright colours including red, blue and green and will featureHTC very own TouchFlo technology ( which is already seen in the HTC Touch Diamond)

Said to be launching one with a full QWERTY keyboard like the orginal G1 Android and one without the handset are said to be announced on the 24th June…so not long to wait!

One of the main advantages to this handset is a 3.5mm head phone jack which will please alot of Android fans who felt this was needed in the Google Android and the HTC Magic.

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