HTC Wants Its Own OS?

Lately Samsung compared to others is the market dominator when it comes to sales and shares, but it looks like HTC want to take a leap of faith. HTC has confirmed the possibility of buying its own mobile operating system. HTC’s Cher Wang told reporters in China “We have given it thought and we have discussed it internally, but we will not do it on impulse”.


Uniqueness is a key competence to achieve success. Apple has their own unique operating system and with that, they can manipulate both their software and hardware to fit each other. They choose what goes on and what doesn’t. This gives them control and control in turn gives them power to dominate.


Wang also stated that HTC’s advantages lie in its distinctiveness. In addition, he also said that HTC’s strength lies in understanding an OS, but does not mean producing one. This takes our attention to HP’s web OS.


HP recently moved away from producing hardware and is now solely focused on the software market. HP bought webOS from Palm in an expensive deal and now is looking to licence the OS to recover from the purchase.


As the market stands, webOS is possibly the only operating system that HTC would be able to purchase, as it has some market exposure and HP is said to be open to offers. Let’s see what HTC do next.

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