HTC U11 EYEs review

HTC U11 EYEs review

HTC is launching another model within its U11 line. First we had the HTC U11, which was followed up by the U11 Life and U11+.


So what makes the HTC U11 EYEs special? Well, as the name suggests, it sees and captures the world through a pair of selfie EYEs. We have seen a few mobile phone manufacturers releasing phones with dual selfie cameras, and now it appears to be the turn of HTC.


HTC U11 EYEs design


The design of this HTC phone is sublime and it looks every bit as premium as it is. You can be bold and choose Solar Red or be a little more conservative and choose Amazing Silver or Ceramic Black. All of these options are highly reflective with the light dancing off the surface in all directions.


HTC U11 EYEs build quality


Going beyond looks, we find a strong Gorilla Glass front that protects the screen from unsightly scratches. We also find IP67 certification and this means that you can use the phone in the rain or drop it in the bath without suffering water damage. However, we don’t recommend bathing with your new phone.


The design uses the new 18:9 screen aspect ratio and this is longer than normal. With many more rows of pixels, you can see more of a webpage or app without scrolling down. The screen measure 6” diagonally but the phone doesn’t feel big because there is little phone body above or below the screen, which boasts a Full HD+ resolution.


HTC U11 EYEs features


Face Unlock is the first feature that will attract the hoards. We like the fact that squeezing the phone triggers biometric unlocking. There is still a fingerprint sensor on the back but Face Unlock seems more practical because you can use it when you are wearing gloves or have wet hands.


The really good news is that the HTC U11 EYEs has Google’s Android Oreo OS pre-loaded. Android phones are notoriously slow at getting OS updates, so it really makes sense to choose one that already has Oreo.


There are many HTC apps and features and the best of these include Edge Sense, Edge Launcher, HTC Sense Companion, HTC Sense and HTC USonic. The Edge Sense is the most interesting of these. Once again you squeeze the phone to activate it. The feature can be customised to open apps, launch the voice assistant, open photos or play videos.


Finally, we should note that the U11 EYEs has the largest capacity battery (3,930mAh) of any HTC phone. It also supports Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0, so it doesn’t take long to recharge.


HTC U11 EYEs camera


We already mentioned that the HTC U11 EYEs has a dual lens selfie camera. Both lenses have a 5MP resolution and together these can sense the depth of objects in the photo. This means that you can get excellent bokeh blurred backgrounds, where you portrait is very accurately in focus.


HTC U11 EYEs Beauty Mode


The main 12MP camera uses the same highly-rated tech as the original HTC U11. Without going into the technical details, this camera captures amazing results. Noise reduction is built in, along with electronic stabilisation, so your 4K videos are recorded with great clarity.




We like the HTC U11 EYEs for its camera experience. Selfies are out of this world and yours will really standout on social media, like you wouldn’t believe.

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