HTC Touch HD Review

HTC Touch HDBriefly: Providing a ‘cinematic experience’ the latest handset from HTC is a stunning touch screen 3G phone and is the ultimate in entertainment so far for 2009!

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You will feel like you had never left your laptop at home with this handset with broadband speed web browsing, a large high resolution 3.8 inch screen & is very easy to navigate with TouchFlo technology. At mobilesplease we believe this is the best HTC handset we have seen, not too mention its one of the best phones around at the moment!

A stunning looking handset the touch HD oozes business style and is just the right weight at 147g compared to other touch screen handsets , Google Android 158g. Running on Windows mobile 6.1 it is not as flash as HTC latest phone the Google phone which runs on Android but it makes up for it with a full touch screen interface. TouchFlo as it is called runs seamlessly and is very responsive so all in all in it very simple to navigate.

Perfect for on the move you can browse the web at broadband speeds due to HSDPA internet connectivity & Wi-FI and even download films to watch in cinema quality on the large screen. The large 3.8 inch screen also comes in useful when using the 5 mega pixel camera which also includes a video recorder. It also includes all the Windows mobile applications you would expect including Exchange email support, Microsoft office documents viewing & editing & Windows mobile media player.

Other fantastic features we haven’t yet mentioned include Google maps which is perfect when viewed on wide screen mode & a 3.55 mm jack which is compatible with the majority of audio equipment on the market.

What does the HTC Touch HD have to offer?

  • 5 mega pixel camera
  • Large 3.8 inch ‘cinematic’ display
  • HSDPA Internet connectivity
  • Stylish design
  • Google Maps

The HTC Touch HD is available at mobiles pleaseĀ  on the orange network, we have a great range of the latest phones at mobilesplease for you to check out too!

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