HTC Touch Diamond Review

Want an iphone without the cost? Well it’s the HTC touch diamond that’s for you then.

It’s ” Vibrant Touchflow 3D” technology means it works just like the iphone and with a gorgeous sleek black design it can rival the iphone for style. The latest phone uses an Opera 9 browser which is ready to take over the mobile internet market. In a 3G or wireless area it will allow you to surf your favourite websites as quickly as you can on broadband.

It has fun features includuing the unique Weather feature so you can be the first to find cover when in a public place.

The 4GB of memory is smaller than some of the latest phones on the market but should be more than enough for music, pictures and homemade videos. Downloading films could start to hit the 4GB capacity but that is still very difficult to do in a cost effective way anyway at the moment.

HTC Touch Diamond Phone Review

HTC Touch Diamond Phone Review

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