HTC Touch 3G coming to Orange

HTC Touch 3G

Good news for HTC…and orange fans! The HTC Touch 3G has launched, exclusive to Orange the handset is the 3G version of the HTC touch. First announced in September we at Mobilesplease have been desperate to get our hands on this latest phone.

The handset has a eyecatching design is a palm friendly size plus is available in a range of hot colours!

The device is based on the Windows Mobile 6.1 proffesional operating system comes with Wi-fi, bluetooth, camera and 2.8 inch touch scree. Ideal for business workers on the go the HTC Touch 3G allows you to synchronise your outlook emails, calendars and contacts from your computer to your phone.

Gone are the days when just having email on your phone was exceptable, now business customers are looking further business functions including access to excel and powerpoints and multimedia applications.

Internet browsing couldn’t be easier with the large 2.8 inch touch screen and HSDPA internet connectivity at broadband speed.

This handset has definetly ‘touched’ all of us here at Mobiles please, try the HTC Touch 3G – combining the excellent features of the HTC Touch with the high speed of 3G.

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