HTC Titan Review

HTC Titan – Review

The latest release from HTC is as the name suggests a powerful smartphone and even with all that muscle the Titan has managed to maintain a svelte and sleek chassis. The build quality is fantastic giving the phone a sturdy feel in the hand and the large 4.7-inch screen delivers a slick response to taps and swipes.

The handset is Wi-Fi and HSDPA enabled for fast data connectivity and an instant web browsing experience. It comes with an excellent 8-megapixel camera that delivers high quality photos as good as any camera out there. The camera is also capable of recording video and has a secondary camera in front of the handset for video calling.

With Facebook and Twitter integration, you can stay in touch with others, share media and keep up to date on the go. The pocket office that includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and PDF viewer is a great application for keeping up with work tasks when out and about.

The music player and stereo FM radio provide hours of entertainment and can be listened to either via the loudspeaker or the 3.5mm jack that offers Dolby Mobile and SRS sound enhancement. Another feature worth a mention is the Bing maps (GPS supported) that offers step-by-step navigation.

 Overall the HTC Titan is a powerhouse of a phone and is bound to please even the most demanding user.


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