HTC Sues Apple

And you thought it stopped there………… The saga of Apple and the rest of the world continues with HTC making a move on them. HTC are suing Apple with their own patents purchased from Google. Google sold some key patents to HTC for an undisclosed amount. Why isn’t Google suing Apple directly, who knows?


Google has recently purchased Motorola for $12.5 billion and acquired a number of patents, which was probably one of the main reasons behind the acquisition of Motorola. Having more patents, even more than Apple, Motorola has indicated strength of its patent resources and this is one of the main reasons why Google has made this investment. Selling them to HTC is another dilemma to uncover.


With this purchase of patents, HTC now have the patent power to fight Apple. It doesn’t matter who developed or purchased the patents as long as they are genuine. If Apple is found guilty, they will have to face the same consequences Samsung did in Germany. Looks like Apple are getting it as hard as they give it.

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