Rethink reality with the HTC Re Vive

It is time to rethink reality with the HTC Re Vive virtual reality headset, a collaboration between smartphone manufacturer HTC and game creator Valve (Portal and Half-Life).


As this virtual reality headset is powered by Valve’s SteamVR there will be a bucket load of games that will take immediate advantage of this new tech.




In a nutshell, the HTC Vive will immerse you in new realities with limitless possibilities. No place is beyond reach as you explore worlds within ours, coupled with a 360 degree room-scale VR experience.


The VR tech


The VR tech behind the HTC Vive provides photo realistic imagery via individual displays for each eye, that have a resolution of 1200 x 1080 pixels. The refresh rate of 90 times per second ensures lag-free results and the immersive experience is completed by plugging your own headsets into the audio jack on the side.


Photo realistic imagery


A laser, accelerometer and gyrosensor precisely tracks head movement to a tenth of a degree enabling you to explore the virtual world, naturally. A pair of Steam VR base stations are placed in opposite corners of the room to track your physical location, allowing you to get up and walk around the virtual world.


HTC Vive


Hand-held controllers are tracked through space allowing for the interaction with virtual objects and the virtual world with sub-millimetre precision


VR development


A developer edition of the HTC Vive is already available now and if you have any doubt about either the interest of developers in virtual reality headsets or the amount of games, apps and experiences that will be available on launch, then check out the list of content partners working with HTC and Steam VR:


National Palace Museum
Cloudhead Games
Dovetail Games
Fireproof Games
Owlchemy Labs
Skillman & Hackett
Steel wool Games
Vertigo Games
Wemo Labs
Bossa Studios UK


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Written by: Michael Brown

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