HTC One X+ Could Be Heading Our Way

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A new HTC has been undergoing benchmark tests and it is believed to be the sequel to the One X and is being called the One X+. The latest One X seems to be coming in very quickly after the original was released so this could be how HTC’s answer to the imminent iPhone 5 release and current success of the Samsung Galaxy S3.


The official name for the phone is the HTC PM631000 but it is expected to be the One X+ and the NenaMark2 tests show that the latest phone will have an upgraded processor going from a 1.5GHz quad core to 1.7GHZ.


It is expected that the phone will be shipped with the latest Android Jelly Bean OS but there are no indications of what else may feature on this phone.


The phone is expected to launch in the US in September but there is no confirmation of the UK date yet.


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