HTC One Officially Launched

A loss in market share has seen HTC forced take stock. Its solution to hopefully pull in some numbers has been to revamp one of its most popular smartphones, the HTC One.


The latest phone from HTC

Can an upgraded version pull back customers who have switched to Samsung and Apple products? Let’s take a look at the specifications and see.


First of all the latest version of the Android operating system is on board so all of the Google apps we have enjoyed in the past are ready and raring to go. The casing is constructed from aluminium, there are dual forward facing stereo speakers and a 4.7-inch display with 1080p definition.


A few little tricks are installed and these include HTC Zoe, an app that captures high-definition video before and after the camera button is pressed and from this users can select the best frame to keep. HTC also claims that the software included will allow low-light pictures to be captured better than any other phone in the market.


htc one

HTC BlinkFeed also stars on the HTC One and this conveniently runs a stream of information on the homescreen from sources selected such as social media and news sites.


Current profits at HTC have dropped by over 90% when compared to this time last year, so will the revamped HTC One turn around the fate of HTC?

Written by: Carmel Brown

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