HTC One Max – Release Expected End of Year


htc one max


The HTC One Max has been the subject of many rumours and industry speculation and as HTC hope to give us a smartphone of all sizes we thought we would take a look at this latest “phablet” that is set to be compete with other UK smartphones this year.


HTC has been looking to regain some of their initial success with the latest range of mobile phones which began with the launch of the HTC One which added some impressive features into its beautifully crafted shell. As has become the norm the next to follow was a scaled down mini version, namely the HTC One Mini and it now looks like HTC are completing the package with the HTC One Max.


HTC One Max


This latest incarnation of the HTC One takes a big screen on your mobile to the next level with a huge 5.9-inch touchscreen display, although Samsung did take it even bigger on the Galaxy Mega with a 6.3-inch screen. It is expected to have a 2.3GHz beefy processor to handle apps and features on the big screen as well as 2GB RAM.


Android 4.3 should be on the HTC One Max at launch so there will be plenty of apps to get to grips with on the phablet and the phone should be launched in 32GB and 64GB versions.


The Ultrapixel camera, as seen on the previous HTC One models, will be on board so there will be lots of fancy picture editing and on the big screen those Ultrapixel shots should look great.


HTC One Max Release


So far there has only been vague hints as to when we can expect the HTC One Max to hit the UK market, but all rumours point to a launch in the last quarter of this year. No official word from HTC has been forthcoming about the launch so watch this space for when we can expect to get our hands on the HTC One Max.


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Written by: Carmel Brown

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