HTC One M10 Rumours and Release Date

The HTC One M9 and One M9+ have been on the market for a while and as these HTC flagship models come to the end of their run as the flagship we take a look at the latest HTC M10 rumours to see where HTC could go next.


HTC One M10 design


one m9


So far we haven’t seen any leaked images of the M10 so the overall design is still a mystery but the CEO of HTC hinted towards making big improvements to the design of the phone. The M9 is a beautifully designed smartphone so where these improvements will be could be anyone’s guess. We don’t expect any major changes to the format of the design so we should still see the high quality all-metal body from HTC that we usually get.


HTC One M10 Features


The HTC One M10 is expected to ship with Android Marshmallow straight out of the box and HTC will put their usual Sense overlay with favourite features like Blinkfeed.


one m10 features


With many flagship models moving to QHD displays we can expect to see at least this on the M10 display if not a 4K model to compete with other manufacturers offerings. The processor is expected to be an octacore beast although there have been rumours of a decacore but it’s not too likely.


The HTC M10 is expected to be packing a better battery pack as the performance on the M9 has left some users disappointed. The extra efficiency from Android 6.0 and HTC’s own optimisation on the phone should see a longer battery life and it is expected to be compatible with wireless charging too.


one m10 fingerprint scanner


The move for better security on smartphones has seen numerous manufacturers add a fingerprint scanner on their latest models and given that Android 6.0 has support for fingerprint scanners we should see this included on the HTC M10.


The camera package on the M9 moved away from the Ultrapixel lens that HTC tried to convince us all we needed and opted for a 20-megapixel lens made by Sony instead. After this move it is highly unlikely they will go back again so we are hoping they will bump up the rear camera to a 23-megapixel lens.


HTC Release date


The usual format for a big flagship launch has been the MWC so we can expect the HTC M10 to make an appearance at MWC 2016 with pricing expected to reflect the higher end specs and better hardware to be on board.


mwc 2016


The momentum HTC had with their launch of the One range of smartphones seems to have waned somewhat and they will need to do something big with the M10 to get back the following they had with previous versions.


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