HTC Incredible S Vs Iphone 4

If you’re looking for a new smartphone right now then you’re probably looking at one of these two phones.  I’ve spent the day playing with both of them and I’ll try and give you a rundown of the pros and cons of each.

This isn’t going to be easy,  and I’m going to try not to turn this in to an iOS vs Android article but since the performance and features of both phones are intrinsically linked to their OS it’s going to be tough not to mention them.

Starting with the screen, the HTC Incredible S is bigger, it looks bigger too because more of the front of the phone is taken up with viewable area. The iPhone 4’s retina display is awesome, but the Incredible S stands it’s ground and you really don’t notice the extra pixels on the iPhone 4.

The colours are very good on both phones, the iPhone 4 is brighter but the Incredible S looks more realistic. It’s not easy to describe, but side by side playing the same video the iPhone sometimes looks too vivid, like the contrast has been turned up a little. You don’t really notice until you put them side by side but the Incredible S just wins on the screen.

Both phones are extremely quick and responsive, both can play angry birds just fine and it’s very hard to find a noticeable  difference in performance. The screen transitions feels a little more polished on the iPhone 4, but the desktop widgets on the Incredible S mean you wont need to switch between apps as much.

Sound quality is also indistinguishable, the iPhone 4 just edges ahead though because the bundled earphones are higher quality and deliver a smother bass sound.

Both phones have excellent social media features, the Incredible S does include HTC’s friendstream widget which puts all your feeds on the desktop.

In terms of build quality, both phones feel solid and well made, the iPhone 4’s glass construction is a little classier than the Incredible S though.

The availability of apps is great for both phones, so not much difference there, but the iPhone 4’s reliance on iTunes makes it a little more cumbersome to sync on multiple PCs than the Incredible S that just plugs straight in via a standard USB cable.

The ability to turn the Incredible S in to a WiFi hotspot is nice too and lets you share your mobile internet connection with a laptop or other device.

Ultimately, there is very little to separate these phones, so it comes down to price, and with the Incredible S coming in at £100 or so cheaper than the most basic iPhone 4 it has to be the winner.

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