HTC Incredible S – 2011 Phone of The Year?

It’s no surprise to us to see that HTC is intending to be the best mobile phone manufacturer again this year. With a knack for blending design and engineering together, coupled with possibly the most powerful brand name in the mobile phone arena, we are convinced that they will succeed.

So what is going to be the HTC Desire of 2011? The answer – the HTC Incredible S!

A contoured design with no sharp corners gives the Incredible S a shape that looks good from all angles and the dual LED flash on the rear casing gives a hint of the top end optics. The 8-megapixel camera with HD camcorder is a real treat and the 4-inch super LCD display is perfect for viewing your media. The virtual buttons now turn as well when the handset is turned onto its side for landscape operation and virtual surround sound via SRS WOW HD brings a true cinematic experience into the palm of your hands.

The HTC Incredible S is also a master of connectivity. Enabled with wireless DLNA, you can stream what’s on the screen straight to a compatible TV and putting your media to one side for the moment, I see a new way to experience the Web without having to sit at a desk with that trusty old computer. This becomes a real possibility with the Incredible S and the 1GHz processor is perfect for the task.

Feature wise, the best of the rest includes GPS navigation with maps that can be stored onto the phone for zero wait time, Social Network Integration and Google services such as YouTube and the Android Marketplace. The Incredible S also uses a single email client that will put all of your emails for numerous accounts into one place and for entertainment with a difference, pre-installed book classics are waiting to delight the bookworm!

We can’t see any way that the Incredible S won’t be a runaway success and yet again HTC prove why they are leading the way.

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