HTC Hima preview

HTC Hima preview: “A much anticipated smartphone release is just around the corner and it will be called the HTC Hima or HTC One M9” – Mobiles Please.


Today we take a look at the HTC Hima and what it is anticipated to offer.

HTC Hima design


The HTC Hima design is likely to include the same 5-inch display that we saw on the HTC One M8, giving us a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. Protected behind Corning Gorilla Glass this display will fit into a metallic shell which itself will be coloured in gold, silver or grey, just like its predecessor.


HTC Hima design


For the first time in recent memory a new speaker setup will be featured on the HTC Hima. Gone are the BoomSound speakers and in are a pair of Bose Audio Speakers. This move will see a miniaturisation of the speakers and hints that the body will be much slimmer, possibly in the 6-7mm region.

The power behind the HTC Hima


The HTC Hima will be the first HTC smartphone to feature an octa-core processor and the new Android Lollipop operating system. This will successfully offer true multitasking and a refined look with circular icons and shadows for a 3D effect.


The power behind the HTC Hima


Android Lollipop is also less power hungry and gives users more control over power eating apps running in the background. A two day mixed usage scenario looks even more possible when we add in a bigger battery with a capacity of 2,840mAh.


Goodbye UltraPixel camera


We will be saying goodbye to the UltraPixel camera, which never caught on, and instead we will get a 20MP camera on the HTC Hima. The good news continues in the photography department with the inclusion of a secondary 13MP camera for making video calls or taking a selfie.


Goodbye UltraPixel camera


With this new focus on the selfie camera it is likely that we will see a wider shooting angle for group selfies as well as the continued use of a voice activated shutter. A portfolio of camera features will undoubtedly be included, such as Face Merge, Live Makeup and the Crop-Me-In-Tool.


The unknown at the moment though is whether HTC will follow in the footsteps of other brands who have stripped back these features for a less cluttered viewfinder. If the HTC Hima does go in this direction then you will most certainly be visiting the app store where these lost features should be available to download for free.


HTC Hima: Hit or miss?


There is nothing in the rumours or speculations that hint that the HTC Hima will not be a hit. We are likely to see an influx of smartphones into the UK this year that have been created by brands that we are not familiar with, so competition will be stiff. The HTC Hima specification matches up to anything else we have seen in the pipeline from other brands so the only possible sticking point will likely be price.


Written by: Michael Brown

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