HTC Hero Owners on Orange get Restless

HTC hero owners the world over had a long wait for android 2.1 to be released to them.  HTC postponed the release for several months and stayed remarkably tight lipped about why, although industry speculation was that the challenge of bolting their HTC sense interface on to android 2.1 took longer than expected.

Once it was complete, the 2.1 upgrade was available over the air to owners with unlocked Heros,  but those on contract had to wait until their networks rolled out the release.

Most of the networks in the UK were slow to react and vague about when the release would be made, largely due to testing and making sure their branding worked on branded handsets.

But several weeks on from HTC’s release, Orange customers in the UK and Europe are still waiting, and some have started a facebook group to highlight what they say is a poor performance from Orange. Oddly, the main issue people are complaining about isn’t that they haven’t got the update,  they seem to be more upset that Orange is not giving them any idea of the likely release date. Users on the facebook page are reporting wildly different and contradictory responses to their question from Orange customer services.

Some of the Facebook group users have resorted to taking matters in to their own hands by ‘rooting’ their phones.  Rooting is a method of wiping the network branded android operating system from a phone and replacing it with copy of HTC’s default version of android 2.1 for the Hero, it’s a bit like wiping windows from your PC and re-installing it or putting on another OS like Ubuntu.

Are you an HTC Hero owner? Have you got android 2.1 yet? Let us know

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