HTC Customer service from the ridiculous to the sublime!

I know that there has been a of HTC bashing recently about its outsourced customer service but I do have one ray of sunshine to show how they recovered from a customer service faux pas….

So the GPS breaks on my HTC desire and I try the usually hard resets etc… which don’t work. I phone HTC, they pick up my phone for repair. They take a few weeks to repair it and send it back to me. All good so far.

However when they send it back I pick it up and it is feeling very light. My first thoughts were that when you send your phone to HTC perhaps they “pimp your phone” and slim it down. However taking the back off revealed that they had slimmed it down by forgetting to put the battery in.

Now you would have thought that asking HTC to send me a battery for my phone shouldn’t have been too difficult. Well after weeks and weeks of phone calls and many promises I found out that they are still waiting for a battery to be sent from Taiwan. So HTC need to go to Taiwan to get a battery whereas I can just go to eBay???

This is when the ridiculous turns into the sublime….

Instead of making me wait further they sent me a brand new HTC desire S! They don’t even ask me to return my current Desire!

Excellent, well done HTC.

It’s amazing how quickly HTC have accelerated over the last few years from a technology point of view and have leapfrogged giants like Nokia in their development as a result. Perhaps now they are starting to take leaf out of Apple “customer love” book to help try and catch more of the iPhone market.

Only a few hundred million followers of our Lord Steve Jobs left to try and convert now!

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