HP takes on Palm and LG have plans for the future.

In what seems like a sudden move, computer giants HP have bought the suffering mobile phone manufacturers Palm for 1.2 billion US dollars. Palm haven’t been doing well for a while now so hopefully HP can bring it back to life and give the brand a real chance at competing in the smartphone world.

A good reason HP have acquired the company is the promising webOS seen on the Palm Pre which could be a real crowd pleaser if utilized to it’s full potential. The CEO of Palm (who started his career at HP) will remain part of the company and is said to be excited about the acquisition.

Elsewhere LG have announced their financial results for the first quarter in 2010. Unfortunately sales and profit are lower than expected, despite increased shipments; profit fell on year on year basis (19.7%) due to the heavy focus on emerging markets. LG are confident that this will change dramatically in the second quarter with a number of smartphones being released including the GT540 and the Cookie 2.

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