How to find yourself the best mobile phone handset

Mobile phone buyer guide
Addressing the requirements that you need and expect from a mobile phone is essential before you buy one. Like most things, what’s right for your family, friends and colleagues isn’t always what’s right for you. This mobile phone buyer guide is designed to help you assess what you want from a handset and choose the best one to suit you.


Do you need a basic phone or a Smartphone?
It’s difficult to remember a time when the phone was a simple, basic handset for making and receiving calls. Nowadays making phone calls isn’t even a priority for some people. However there do remain advantages to buying a basic phone, and price isn’t the only one.


If you prefer to call or text and you’re unlikely to use your mobile phone as a camera or to browse the Internet, you’re unlikely to need or want anything expensive or technical. The Nokia 2330 Classic is a shining example of a basic, reliable handset that will do just that.


One of the primary advantages of a handset with basic features such as the Nokia 2330 is the longer-lasting battery life. In comparison to the Apple iPhone 4S – with a standby time of 200 hours – the Classic’s battery lasts over twice as long at 528 hours!


Smartphones are designed to assist virtually every aspect of your day, from the alarm clock that wakes you up to the calendar alerts that remind you of where you’re supposed to be. By considering what you require from your smartphone, such as a music player, maps, weather forecasts (to name just a few) you can better choose the right model for you.


Consider the keyboard
It’s also important to consider the keyboard of a handset when comparing mobile phones. Is a QWERTY button keyboard important, or do you prefer a touchscreen? If you’re purchasing the handset for an elderly relative you may also want to consider the size of the buttons; big buttons are available on purpose-made handsets.

Mobile phones with a QWERTY keyboard

Buying a phone for Children
JCB's tough mobile phone - great for kids!If you’re buying a handset for your child remember to consider the security options, particularly on smartphones, where access to the Internet is easy and often unsupervised. Network providers are able to provide age restrictions wherever necessary.


It’s also worth bearing in mind that children can be rather exuberant at times and often the phone in their pocket is the last thing they think about. A robust casing is therefore a must. JCB has a range of tough phones designed primarily for tradesmen, which would be perfect for a rough and tumble child.


Customise your phone
Essentially each handset is designed with a different demographic and customer type in mind, with the exception of some smartphones, such as the iPhone or HTC, which allow its user to customise the handset to suit their needs using applications, known as “apps”.


If you’re struggling to choose between a few different handset choices, don’t forget that Mobilesplease compares over one million different mobile phone deals on a range of different mobile phones, which should help you to make a great decision, regardless of your requirements!

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