How a £5 a month T mobile contract can replace your office network???

As a forward thinking office we have a couple of internet lines in case one goes down. However if someone slices through the cables outside the office there is not much you can do…… or is there?


Step forward your trusty mobile phone…..


You tether your phone to the laptop, bridge it to the network and hey presto 15 PCs are surfing through it.


Now you would have thought that this many PCs using one mobile phone means surfing about as quickly as a snail on valium? However it didn’t seem too bad. For a start T mobile recognises that we are accessing the internet technically through a mobile device and renders images in cut down resolution.


So we then went for the acid test….. a broadband speed test while all PCs are running…. drum roll:-


0.36MB download and 0.05MB upload.


Ok the upload speed is a nightmare but a third of a meg download isn’t too bad.


Mind you I am pretty tolerant of download speeds as I am the man who paid £700 a month in 2000 for a 56k (0.056MB in today’s money) leased modem line. So I don’t have too many complaints about my £5 a month T mobile data contract that managed to save the day!!


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