Happy New Year from Mobilesplease

As the festivities draw to an end, it’s back to work and for most of us a bit of head scratching as to how we are going to make it to our next pay-day!

Well, if you have accidentally dropped your phone in a pint of beer, or down the loo, or it’s simply so out of date that you can’t be seen with it anymore, then we have a couple of ‘cheapies’ here that will get you up and running without adding to the red on your bank statement:

Contract phone – The Samsung Tocco Lite is a great 24-month contract option that comes with 23 months free line rental (via cashback redemption). This offer works out at £1.04pm, and the Tocco Lite brings you a respectable 3-megapixel camera and a dedicated Social Networking App.

Pay as you Go phone – The Nokia 1800 is basic in functionality but that comes with a stunning bonus, a price tag of only 90p when purchased with a £10 top up card. You can make calls, send text messages and throw it the glove-box or bottom of a bag and forget about it for a week before you need to top it up on the mains charger.

Handset only – The Sony Ericsson Spiro is a great choice for those who have a SIM card and simply need some new hardware, maybe after an accident and whilst still tied into a contract. The Spiro is only £79.99 and offers Walkman features along with Social Network integration and a 2-megapixel camera.

We hope these budget friendly deals will get your 2011 started on the right foot and for those looking forward to this years exciting new releases, then the CES exhibition is only a few days away and we will let you know what each phone manufacturer has to offer.

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