Hands-on with the HTC Desire 626

The HTC Desire 626 is a mid-range smartphone with catwalk looks. Picking the right outfit to parade will be no easy choice, thanks to a wide range of dual-tone colour options to choose from. But no matter what you dress the Desire 626 in, its slim 8mm thick figure will catch the eye.


The 5” display dominates nearly all of the face with just enough room left to squeeze in the microphone and speaker grills as well as the secondary camera lens. The 720p resolution delivers a quality gaming and streaming experience and under the hood a quad-core 1.2GHz processor with 2GB RAM delivers a lag free experience.


HTC Desire 626


HTC have been pretty generous in the memory department where 16GB will satisfy the needs of most users. There is a memory card slot to be found though and this is no ordinary memory boosting bolt-on. The Desire 626 supports microSDXC cards which have extreme memory values of up to 512GB. So if you happen to have 500 movies or a shelf full box-sets to digitise then you will be a walking cinema in no time at all.


HTC Themes App Creating a personality with the HTC Desire 626


The HTC Desire 626 comes with the HTC Themes App built-in and this well thought out addition allows owners to browse, rate, download and create themes.


Almost any visual element can be adapted to suit your tastes including wallpapers, icons, fonts, sounds and colours. If you struggle to choose what to wear when you are going out then get ready for a dose of double dilemma with the Themes App!


Themes App


The HTC Sense Home Screen on the other hand is a much more independent kind of fellow. A dose of artificial intelligence with a proactive nature changes the apps and shortcuts displayed, depending upon where you are or what you are doing.


Google Now plays a similar role. The Google Now cards give snippets of info based upon what it thinks you might want to do next. When you are getting ready to leave work you may get information about traffic on the commute or restaurant recommendations as the social hours encroach.


HTC BlinkFeed finishes off creating a phone with your personality by creating a feed of social network updates and news stories relevant to you own topics of interest.


HTC Desire 626 photography Photography with the HTC Desire 626


The 13MP camera is one snappy chap with continuous shooting mode taking successive photos of moving subjects. Both dark and light elements are correctly exposed with HDR and there is a crazy Double Exposure mode that allows interesting effects to be made by superimposing one photo on top of another.


Double Exposure


The 5MP selfie camera takes care of capturing your portraits, be they serious, boastful or silly. The shutter can be activated in a trio of ways with either a smile, vocalising the word ‘cheese’ or by tapping the screen to begin a countdown.


If selfie perfection isn’t achieved first time then the Make-up feature is worth a look before deciding to discard the original portrait. The HTC Gallery is at hand for storing memories and this feature can collect all of your photos, from Facebook to Dropbox, and put them in one handy location.


HTC Desire 626 verdict HTC Desire 626 verdict


The HTC Desire 626 is a gem of a phone that doesn’t cost the earth. By losing elements such as a metal case and overpowered octa-core processor, this phone has become a great buy that look goods and has all of the features and apps that a top-of-the-range premium smartphone has.
Written by: Michael Brown

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