Hands Free Bus Driver

Roberto Noto, a bus driver from Rome, has been suspended after a passenger videoed him using his mobile phone whilst driving a crowded bus. But he wasn’t just using one phone, oh no, he had a phone in each hand and was driving with his elbows.

Noto has issued an apology, but it looks like he will lose his job over the incident which occurred on route to the city’s airport.

Apparently he was using one phone to talk to customer services who were talking him through the activation procedure for his new smartphone.

Don’t get me wrong, using a phone when you’re driving is a terrible idea and Noto clearly deserves to be punished. But part of me can’t help but be a bit impressed at the skill required to drive a bus with your elbows whilst operating two mobile phones simultaneously. The man clearly has superhuman dexterity and coordination and was wasted as a bus driver, he should be some sort of juggler or sportsman. He has also conclusively disproven the myth that men are bad at multitasking, bravo sir.

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