Google Updates Hangouts for Android N


Android N is out there with the developer preview version being launched and although this OS won’t be the finished version we can expect it to get more and more polished as the developers work on it. It now appears that Google has updated Hangouts for Android N so we should see lots more Google app updates rolling out in the near future.


Hangouts for Android N


android n hangouts notification update


The latest version of Hangouts from Google has been released and with support for bundled notifications and quick reply this version has all the expected features to support Android N.


The update now makes notifications display on the whole width of the screen and the new bundled notifications feature means you should be able to get through your notifications a lot quick and easier.


Android N Updated Google Apps


android n features


With Hangouts updated it is certain that other Google apps will be rolling out ready for Android N so we can expect to see Android N ready Gmail, Google Photos and Google Maps out in the wild soon. The developer version will be giving developers plenty to get going on third party apps too so plenty of apps will be ready for the latest OS.


Get Android N

If you have an Android N compatible device (Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, Pixel C etc) then you can get the Android N developer preview version of the OS from the Android Beta Program.




The Android N OS is still very buggy and prone to crashes so it’s not a good idea to download it if you have only one device and need it to work. The developers will be beavering away in the background so it would be best to wait for all of the bugs to be ironed out before getting your hands on Android N.


Have you tried the Android N developers version? What would you like Google to add to their latest OS? Share your thoughts below or join the conversation on Google+.

Written by: Carmel Brown

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