Google Translate for Android Breaks Boundries – Language ones that is.

Are you thinking of getting away from it all during this incredibly dreary January and dreaming of sunnier pastures?  Of course you are!

Was one of your new year’s resolutions to pick up a language?  I know mine was!

Ever think you are actually going to pick up that language and be able to chat confidently to an attractive Spanish waiter?  Perhaps not, but Google and Android are well on their way to making it easy for you to order a large sangria and chat about whatever you want with the updated Google Translate exclusively for Android users.

The new conversation mode is still being worked on by Google but the alpha version is seemingly going in the right direction.  Users can currently only translate into Spanish by speaking into the phone in English which is then translated and spoken back in Spanish or vice versa.   Even if you don’t fancy using your mobile to communicate whilst abroad, the App is a great way to pick up some quick phrases by speaking into the phone and listening to the Spanish translations.

The App is available free for Android 2.1 users from the Android Marketplace right now.  A video from the latest Google I/O shows the translator working in German so hopefully more languages will be added in time for those summer holidays!   I personally love this App and can’t get enough of it, what do you think?  Would you prefer to stick to traditional language learning methods or do you think it is a great innovation in mobile technology?

Conversation Mode from Google

Look out for our own Translate tests Coming Soon.

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