Google to Launch Chrome OS Tablet “Before Xmas”

The Downloadsquad website has published an article claiming that google plans to release a tablet based on it’s Chrome operating system before the end of november in the USA.  If it’s true, this tablet is going to be aimed squarely at the Ipad, the article claims that the tablet will be available at a heavily subsidised price on Verizon data tariffs.

That would be an interesting change of tactic for google who attempted to bypass the networks when it released the Nexus One mobile phone. The Nexus One was initially only available via google’s own online shop, unlocked and un subsidised. Although the Nexus One was a great phone, sales were disappointing because punters were not as willing to stump up the full cost of the handset as google hoped. By the time the Nexus One was made available at a subsidised price thorough the networks there were bigger and better devices available and google recently stopped manufacturing the device.

So back to the rumoured tablet. The article says that it will most likely be made by HTC and based on NVidia’s Tegra 2 “PC on a Chip”, this would make it roughly equivalent to an reasonably good netbook in terms of performance.

The Chrome OS is where it gets interesting for me, I’ve played around with development builds of Chrome OS on my netbook and I rather like it.

It’s basically just google’s Chrome browser on top of a very stripped down linux Kernel, which makes it very, very fast. Running Chrome from a usb stick on my Samsung NC10 results in boot times of less than 30 seconds, so expect the tablet to go from off to surfing the web in a very short time indeed.

Will this do any harm to the iPad’s sales? I don’t know, it depends on the price and how well non-nerds get on with the Chrome OS.  The Tablet is likely to have flash support right out of the box so you’ll be able to watch videos on You Tube (in your face iPad owners) – which let’s remember google owns and serves up ads on.

Of course this whole thing could just be a rumour put about to upset Steve Jobs. Tee Hee.

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