Google releases Trusted Contacts on iOS

Google releases Trusted Contacts on iOS


In December 2016 Google released a Trusted Contacts app for Android smartphones. Google has just updated the app and made Trusted Contacts available for iOS devices.


The Trusted Contacts app has a pretty simple goal; to let your family and friends know that you are safe. It can do this even if your smartphone is offline, when trusted family and friends can request your location.


The app also allows your to proactively share your location in case of emergencies or simply for everyday peace of mind, with its Google Maps integration.


How does Trusted Contacts works?


Trusted Contacts lets you prepare for situations where you might need help, but you cannot answer your phone. Trusted Contacts could be used under the scenario of hiking in a rural setting and getting lost, while also losing your mobile phone’s network signal.


Trusted Contacts


The update lets you decide how long to wait before your location is automatically shared with your trusted contacts, who request your location. Previously, this time delay was set to five minutes but can now be set to any amount of time of up to one hour.


How do I add trusted contacts?


You can add trusted contacts to the app by entering their telephone number or email address. When this happens a SMS or email is sent to invite the contact to become one of your trusted contacts.


Trusted Contacts and Google Maps integration


Once accepted, their profile picture and name will be shown within the app.


What languages are supported in Trusted Contacts?


25 languages are supported, with this update adding nine of these. The new languages supported in Trusted Contacts includes Amharic for Ethiopia, Greek, Persian, Bahasa for Indonesia, Macedonian, Burmese, Nepali, Serbian and Urdu for Pakistan.


How do I get Trusted Contacts for iOS and Android?


The Trusted Contacts app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.


If you already have the app and want to check if you have the latest update, then check that you are running version 1.5.


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