Google Pixel 3 review

The latest Pixel phone is packed with plenty of great technology and in my Google Pixel 3 review, I take a look at what this latest Android smartphone has to offer.


Google Pixel 3 design



The new Google Pixel 3 has a 5.5-inch FHD+ OLED display. One noticeable thing about the display is the large notch at the top. This notch is packing two cameras and two speakers, that’s why it may be a little bigger than expected. Although it does initially seem big you soon get used to it and barely notice it after using the screen for a few minutes.


The display includes an Always On feature so you can see the time and notifications at a glance, without the need of actually waking up the phone. The phone has been constructed using an aluminium frame between two sheets of durable glass. The phone feels superb in the hand and weighs only 148g. It’s slim at just 7.9mm thick and with IP68 certification you can be assured of water-resistance.




The Google Pixel 3 is available in white, black or pink and you can choose from a 64GB or 128GB memory variant depending on your storage needs.


Google Pixel 3 features


The Google Pixel has the Snapdragon 845 2.5GHz octa-core processor and 4GB RAM. While you may not notice much difference on average tasks and apps, this power comes in handy when 3D gaming or using AR apps. This phone has all the power for the latest AR features.



The phone includes a fingerprint sensor located on the back and for even more security Google has used the Titan M security chip for password and OS protection.


Android 9 is on board so you have a lot of familiar apps including Google Assistant. A “Hey Google” will call up the digital assistant. Active Edge technology is on board so you can activate Google Assistant with a quick squeeze on the sides of the phone. A new feature on the assistant is the latest call screening option, the app will check who is calling and why before accepting the incoming call.


Digital wellbeing has become a focus of a lot of device manufacturers of late and the Google Pixel 3 includes features for this too. A simple flip over of the phone onto its display will mute notifications and you can choose Wind-Down time slots to switch the phone to Do Not Disturb and greyscale the display.



The battery offered up a good day of mixed usage, if you are using a lot of AR apps you may not get a full day out of it. There is a fast charger included, this 18W cable will give you seven hours of phone use in just 15 minutes.


The adaptive battery feature will learn how you use the phone, switch off non-essentials and manage the battery power as efficiently as possible. This will make sure you get the most out of the battery and will keep you going until you can plug in and recharge again.




Google Pixel 3 camera

One of the best things I found on the Google Pixel 3 was the camera quality. Many new phones have opted for a dual lens camera but Google has gone for a dual-pixel lens on this device. The image and video quality was superb and there are lots of additional camera features that really make this a great phone for mobile photography.

Google Lens – I used this feature a couple of times and it worked really well. You simply take a photo of a product you like and the Google Lens finds information for buying it online. You can also take photos of landmarks and other distinctive objects and get information on them.



Super Res Zoom – A digital zoom doesn’t usually work as well as an optical zoom but this feature gives you the equivalent of 2x optical zoom. It works really well to bring distant objects in closer and blur-free.


Top Shot – A lot of phones have a burst shot feature but with Top Shot the software will recognise if everyone in the shot is smiling, has their eyes open etc. It will then suggest the best shot out of multiple ones for you.


Night Sight – This is an update that is coming out later so I didn’t actually get to try it. The new feature will combine multiple shots with an extended exposure. This will make night shots amazingly clear without having to use the flash.



The front camera is an 8-megapixel wide-angle lens and this works really well for group shots or taking a selfie in a large landscape. The nifty AI Photobooth feature will detect a smile or funny expression or pose and press the shutter button for you. Portrait Mode is also on board and this works really well to give you different lighting options for professional looking shots.




The Google Pixel 3 was built around the latest Android OS and with the powerful processor you get an amazing experience when using multiple apps. AR and 3D gaming is lag-free and the superb camera features make this a real winner. I was impressed with everything I tried on this phone and would not hesitate to recommend it for your next Android smartphone upgrade.

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