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Have you lost control of your memories? If so then the Google Photos app, available for Android, iOS and directly on the web, could be the solution you need:


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With a trillion photos expected to be taken this year it will be essential to tackle these issues and remove the frustrations of storing, editing, sharing and reliving your moments through photos and videos.


Google Photos is a new standalone app for storing your photos and videos with the benefits of intuitive organisation, search and sharing.


One location, all of your photos


Google Photos provides a private place to store all of your photos and videos and they can then be accessed from any of your devices, be that a smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop.


Google Photos app


Every memory is automatically backed up and synchronised, giving you the peace of mind of knowing that your precious memories will never be lost.


Unlimited space is offered for free for photo storage with an original resolution of up to 16MP. The same applies for videos of up to a quality of 1080p high definition.


Your memories organised for you


Automatically organised without the need to tag or label each photo or video, Google Photos presents the opportunity to organise memories by people, place or the things that matter in your life.


Organised memories


Simple search is the star attraction with image recognition performing the magic. Simply search for any term, such as pets, the beach or clubbing in London, to view the filtered results in a matter of seconds.


Realer than real


Google Photos enables the enhancing and combining of photos in new ways. One tap adjustments allow for the fine tuning of a photograph’s lighting and colour along with more typical adjustments such as crop and tilt.


Assistant View


Memories can be brought to life by pressing the + button, which prompts the creation of animations, collages and movies with soundtracks. A swipe to the left opens up the Assistant View with suggestions of new things that can be made to show off your recent events, and the results can be kept, edited or discarded.


Share anywhere, any time


It has been difficult in the past to share photos and videos across services but Google Photos tackles this issue. Sharing is more simple and more reliable so it doesn’t matter whether it is Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or Hangouts, Google Photos has you covered.


Take any set of photos and videos and Google Photos creates a link to share, so it doesn’t matter how many photos you desire to share. Recipients can see, without the need to login or download a special app, your photos and they can save them in their own library with just a single tap.


So, now is the time to get organised and it doesn’t matter whether you are on Android, iOS or simply the web.


Written by: Michael Brown

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