Google Nexus 5X Review


The latest Nexus handsets from Google have been revealed and after much excitement we take a look to see what Google has given us in their latest offerings. In our Google Nexus 5X review we take a look at the more affordable version of the new phones to see if it’s worth buying.


Google Nexus 5X design


nexus 5x


The Nexus 5X has a simple look and sleek design that feels good quality in the hand and the dimensions feels right for one-handed use. The fingerprint sensor sits on the back of the phone in a slightly raised surround and this feels like a natural location when picking the phone up and using the sensor to unlock it.



nexus 5x fingerprint sensor


The Nexus 5X comes in either black, white or blue and the 5.2-inch display sits snugly in the durable case.


Google Nexus 5X features


The 5.2-inch touchscreen display is responsive and feels a decent size when browsing or playing games and the Corning Gorilla Glass 3 offers good protection to keep the screen in good condition.


The Nexus handsets are the showcase range for Android M so you get all the latest Android 6.0 features right out of the box. Powering along the phone is a 1.8GHz 64-bit hexacore processor and 2GB RAM which is plenty of power for pretty much anything you could be doing.


5x blue


Android M has a number of new features including Now on Tap which is activate by holding the home button. This new feature interprets the information on the screen and offers up Now cards such as maps, relevant web pages. So if you are reading an email from a friend suggesting a meet up at a restaurant the Now on Tap feature will give you the option to access maps to find your way and review sites.


android m now on tap


The digital assistant features have been enhanced to recognise more commands and app settings are now all found in one location giving easier access and control to the overall performance of apps.


Nexus 5x usb type c fast charging


The Nexus 5X features the new USB Type-C connector which can be inserted either way up, no more fiddling about trying yo figure out which way is the right way up. This new connector also offers faster and efficient charging giving up to 3.8 hours of use form just a 10 minute charge.


Nexus 5X Camera


The Nexus 5X camera on the rear is the same high quality 12.3-megapixel lens as featured on the more expensive Nexus 6P. There is laser-assisted focus and the lens captures larger pixels for capturing more of the available light making this camera good in low-light conditions.


nexus 5x camera features


The camera can capture 4k video and with the Google Camera app will keep and organise all of your photos and videos into a convenient location.


The front facing camera has a resolution of 5-megapixels and again features the larger pixels for making the most of the light.


The Google Nexus 5X delivers great all-round features with plenty of power and the latest Android M OS straight out of the box. The camera delivers impressive results and the battery is great for a day of mixed usage so if you want to get the latest Android experience without paying out for the premium Nexus 6P this is a great alternative.


Written by: Carmel Brown

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