Google Maps update for iOS now includes Timeline feature

The Google Maps app has been available to iOS users for some time now, however the timeline feature was not available on Apple devices via the app. The latest Google Maps update for iOS now includes the timeline feature so now you can see where you have been and when.


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The Google Maps timeline feature for iOS users could only be accessed by logging into a desktop and signing into your Google account but now this can accessed directly from the app on your iOS device.


The Timeline is accessed by simply opening the app and tapping on “your timeline” and you will see your activity and places visited.


The timeline can be filtered to different activities so if you just want to see where you have walked, drove or flew you can change the view accordingly.


google maps timeline feature


If you like to look back on your travels over the last month you can access the settings in the Timeline screen and ask Google to send you a monthly activity email.


Google Timeline


The Google Timeline feature has been available for some time and Google collects this information as a matter of course, however if you are not a fan of Google recording your every move you can switch off the feature by going into your Google account settings.


timeline on google maps


The information stored on the Timeline feature can only be accessed by your Google account so if you want the information to remain for your eyes only then ensure your Google account details remain secure.


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