Google Maps AR navigation being tested

Google Maps has become a favourite among many people when travelling in new places. You can use it to find your way when driving around a city or navigating around on foot in an unfamiliar place. Google has announced they are now looking to improve the service as Google Maps AR navigation is being trialed.


Google Maps AR


For anyone that has used Google Maps for walking directions, trying to line up the map with the blue dot and figure out which way to go can be frustrating.



At the Google Developer conference last year, the company announced they are working on a new feature which will combat this and make it easier to find your way.


Using a combination of AR, AI and information from your phone camera as well as location sources from Google Street View you will get even easier navigation. The new feature will add directional cues over your live camera feed, giving you arrows and other directions to get you where you are going.




This new feature will also be able to point out landmarks and other points of interest.


AR Google Maps testing


The new feature was announced a while ago now, but it is still not available to everyone. Some users have been given the feature to test out with a general release set for a “later date”.


Those who have got to try out AR Google Maps have found that it can identify locations with impressive speed.If it is getting such good feedback during the tests we should expect the final product to be superb.


Would you use AR for navigation? Do you think this feature would be useful? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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