Google IO 2015: What to expect


The Google IO 2015 is set to take place next week in San Francisco and the event is the display platform for the very latest from Google so here we take a look at what we expect to see.


google io 2015


Android M


You may not even have Android Lollipop on your current handset yet so this may hurt a little, Android M is expected to make its debut at this years Google IO. So far only a few details have slipped through the net with some leaked info stating that it “brings power of Android to all kinds of workplaces”.


We expect it will do a lot more than that so if you are waiting to see what Google with do with their OS next, we will all find out next week.


Self Driving Cars

Google Self-driving cars


The Google Self Driving cars phenomenon has been gaining some momentum thanks to plenty of stories about testing and great safety records. As far as we know there are no new developments with the technology although the cars are set to leave the test tracks and make the first drive out into the real world bringing them ever closer to end users like us. We can hope for some nifty demonstrations and closer looks at the Google buggies during the event.


Google Photo Service


Rumours are abound of a Google Photo service with speculation that the “Photos”section from Google+ will be dropped in favour of a standalone sharing service. Details emerged on Bloomberg citing that the service will have editing tools already seen on Google+ with the ability to share across various social platforms.


Project Ara


google project ara


There has been plenty of curious speculation about the modular phone Project Ara with many people itching to see the final results. Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects Team is set to lead discussions on Day 2 of Google IO 2015 so this could be when we see some more details of this project.


Project Tango


The tablet from Google that incorporates AR, 3D mapping and VR is set for session at IO and is a “sneak peak at how Project Tango users connect the virtual world and real world”.


Wearable Technology


The ATAP folks are also going to be unveiling new wearable tech during the Google IO event with the description stating “wearables that we hope will blow your socks off”. So we should expect some exciting new technology and concepts – will we get a new Google Glass? Google Smartwatch? We find out next week!


Android TV


android tv


Android TV replaced the Google TV offering and as this has been out for a while we can expect for some new features on the Smart TV system. Sony has announced it plans to put Android TV into all of its 2015 TV’s and developers have been asked to develop Android TV enabled apps.


Clearly there is plenty of exciting things to expect from this years Google IO and we will be excited to see if Google announce anything unexpected. Google Cardboard, Android Auto, Google Cast and more smart home features are expected to feature too so there is plenty to be excited about.


Will you be following the Google IO coverage? What are you most excited to see at the Google IO 2015 event? Tell us what you think by commenting below or join the conversation on Google+.


Written by: Carmel Brown

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