Google Gearing Up to Offer Play Store Gift Cards & Wishlists


The latest update to the Play Store has been filtering through to users from Google and it appears there are some new features heading our way.


The people at Android Police spotted that the update file size was larger than usual and decided to do a bit of digging. Hidden within the update was a hint towards the upcoming release of Play Store Gift cards, with a screenshot showing the ability to enter a code and redeem the amount.



Gift cards for the Play Store have been long awaited as apps have become an item more and more people want to buy and the Apple iStore gift cards are a popular option.


Another new option appears to be a wishlist feature, this doesn’t look to be a way of gifting actual apps but rather a way of keeping a list of apps you want so you can get them when the price drops. So you still can’t gift an app directly to another Android user but perhaps that could be something heading our way in the future.


There has been no confirmation from Google on when these features will become active but as updates come through quite regularly it shouldn’t be too long.

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