Google Gboard for Android now available

The Google Gboard has been available to Apple users for a while now and for those Android users feeling left out the app is now coming your way. The Google Gboard for Android is now available for download and here we take a look at what this app is all about.

Gboard for iOS


The move to release the Google app for iOS only back in May seemed an odd choice to some but it was a tactic used by Google to get Apple users on their Google Search facility. The Gboard app uses the Google Search feature within it so Apple users get to see Google Search results on their iOS devices.

Gboard for Android


gboard search



Android users can now download the Gboard app from Google Play and the keyboard can be used from many apps including social networking and messaging apps.


One of the best features of the Gboard keyboard is the ability to use Google Search straight from the keyboard itself with a tap on the G symbol. This makes finding and sharing search results and lots of information quick and easy making communication with friends and contacts simple.


gboard features


This super easy way of sharing information means you can be chatting to a friend over a messaging app or social media and quickly search and copy and paste the results without needing to leave the app you are using. Making plans with friends over Skype is made simple as you can quickly search for restaurants or places to go and share the information instantly.


The Google Search results are presented as cards with all the relevant information displayed for easy reference so if you are looking for a restaurant or local cinema etc the opening hours and contact information will be shown.


Glide typing can be used with Gboard for quick typing and you can search for emojis or GIF images by keyword rather than having to scroll through endless options.


Gboard Personlisation Options


There are plenty of options for personalising the Gboard to make it work in a way more preferable to you and many of these are shown in the video below.


The numerical keypad can be displayed permanently or accessed via a shortcut on the keyboard depending on your preference and the keyboard size can be set to large for bigger fingers or small to show more of the screen.


The Android Gboard can be used with multiple languages allowing you to switch between them when needed and Auto-correction and Auto-capitalisation can be included or switched off.


The style and look of the keyboard can be changed to different colours to suit your mood and you can even use one of your own photos as the background image for the keyboard.


gboard themes


The Android Gboard is now available for download from the Google Play Store.



What do you think of this new keyboard app? Have you downloaded the new Gboard keyboard? Share your thoughts and comments below or join us on Google+.

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