Google Duo – A new simple video calling app for Android and iOS

Google looks to take on apps like Facetime and Skype with their latest app that is soon to be released. Duo is the new video calling app from Google and it aims to make it easier to speak to friends on mobile devices.


Duo Video Calling


google duo interface


The Duo app is free on the Play Store and it is designed to be simple, fun and reliable giving you video calling to all of your friends.


The simple interface allows you to select a contact and connect with them in a one-to-one video call with faster and more reliable video.


Duo on iOS

The Duo video call apps will be available for both Android and iOS devices so it doesn’t matter which operating system your friends and family use, you will be all be able to chat over Duo.


Knock Knock caller preview


knock knock preview on duo


The unique feature of the Duo app is the Knock Knock feature which lets you see a glimpse of who is calling before you answer the call. This feature will activate the callers camera on the other end so you can see them and what they are doing before you decide whether to take the call.


If you are the one calling then you will see a pop up notification that the camera is active and who you are calling is viewing your camera.


If this isn’t for you it can be disabled but it would have to be disabled across the board, you are not able to choose to use it with some contacts and not others.

Simplicity itself



high quality video call on duo


Although this app looks to be aiming at the likes of Skype and FaceTime Google hasn’t created this as an all encompassing communication app, it’s for video chatting one-one-one and that’s it. With no conference calling, group chat etc the Duo app keeps everything very simple and straightforward which will add to the appeal.

While friends communicating with each other over an iOS device may not opt for this Duo app it will come in handy when you want to contact who isn’t using an Apple device giving you video chatting with even more of your contacts.

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