Google Arts & Culture App brings museums and landmarks to your phone

Fancy exploring some amazing artwork or touring around a world famous landmark? If you do but haven’t been able to make it to some of your top picks for exploring then this new app is for you. The Google Arts & Culture app brings museums and landmarks to your phone.


Museum tour on your Phone


virtual musuem tour


For those with a love of art or history a museum is a fantastic way to spend a few hours exploring wonderful and beautiful objects and artifacts, but not all of us can afford to go to view the works of Van Gogh or head off to worldwide locations to get our cultural thrill. Google has the answer with their Arts & Culture App which has now been updated with new features.


The app opens up a world of Art, history and landmarks giving you amazing access and information about artists, periods in history and wonders of the world.


The new Cardboard tours added to the app allow you to follow routes around 20 locations such as the Valley of the Temples and explore the art and historical objects there. You can browse around the many wonders to see and there is an audio track to narrate your journey giving you lots of information relevant to what you are viewing.

Arts & Culture App features



view paintings on your smartphone


The Arts & Culture App has different sections for you to browse through with Art, History and Wonders on offer and there is a daily section that changes to give you some interesting tidbits such as what happened today in history or a featured artist for you to view


Explore History on your Smartphone


The History section of the app gives you access to various museums and it allows you to view and zoom in to different images of various artifacts.


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You can choose to view items by time periods such as the Victorian era or by a certain event such as WWII or the American Frontier days.


Virtual Landmark Tours


The Wonders section gives you access to famous landmarks, beautiful architecture and historical sites. You can take a virtual tour of the Golden Gate Bridge or explore the castles of the Loire Valley.


art and culture app


The app has landmarks and buildings organised by worldwide locations so you can explore New York or Amsterdam from the comfort of your living room.


Art Recogniser


art recogniser app


Should you decide to head out and explore a museum IRL then you can use the Art Recogniser feature which can be used to point your phone at an artifact or painting and give you lots of information as you wander around.


This feature is only available at limited locations such as the Dulwich Picture Gallery in London or Sydney’s Art Gallery of New South Wales but further locations are expected to be added as the app gets updated.


The app is free from Google Play so if you fancy exploring the amazing works of Botticelli or having a nose around the Hong Kong Maritime Museum then download now and get your cultural fix.


Which museum would you like to take a virtual tour of? Do you think the app would be as good as a real life visit or would you still want to visit in person? Share your thoughts below or join the conversation on Google+.

Have you tried this app? Which museum or landmark would you most like to visit?

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