Google Android Now in Stock!

Google Android

Be prepared the Google Android has landed and boy are we excited at Mobilesplease ! Available in both colours black and white the android/g1/google phone as it is also known from the experts at Google is set to revolutionise the mobile world!

The handset is made for web browsing and with a full QWERTY keyboard, touch screen interface & trackball web browsing & navigation couldn’t be easier.  Its other features including a dedicated google search tool which means you can search for anything at the touch of a button, download your favourite music direct from amazon store and a 3.2 mega pixel camera for capturing your favourite memories. With 3G data browsing it is quick and easy to browse the web which is perfect when on the move allowing you to access your emails,find your way with google maps and browse full web pages.

We have received so much interest in this handset since running a competition and pre-order service and we am sure it will be one of this years bestsellers.

Built on a google platform the handset is available on the T-mobile network exclusively and with prices starting from just £22.97! Buy now and don’t miss out.

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