Google Android Cupcake Software

Rumour has it the long awaited Google Android software update is due to be available from April! Great news for all Google fans and Android owners out there the ‘cupcake’ software makes this handset an even better contender for the iphone. We think the name ‘cupcake’ stands for just how tasty this new software is going to be!

Pocketlint have reported that this lovely software will be available from April onwards, this will coincide with the HTC Magic ( Google 2 ) which will probably come downloaded with the software already. Some of the main highlights include the onscreen touch sensitive keyboard, stereo bluetooth and video recording.

Rumour has it will also include Google latitude which is a service that combines cell tower triangulation and GPS which basically lets you know where your friends and family are and passes on your location. One website has described an interesting use for this suggesting a girlfriend could use it to trace where her boyfriend is if he is running late? or where he shouldn’t be! We think it would be most useful when on a night out if you lose your friends or in a big crowd of people at an airport/festival/conference etc.

The Google Android is already a bestseller with its stylish looks, amazing interface and fun features and we are sure this will only excel the sales.

We cant wait for this lovely cupcake to come out of the oven, watch this space!

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