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You probably already know that Google have launched their latest attempt to  kill off Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin  and all the other social media sites.  Google+ is here and it looks like Google may actually have got social right this time after the messes that were Wave and Buzz.

I’m going to leave the review of the main Google plus service to those better qualified, but I have spent a bit of time playing with the Android app and it certainly warrants a few moments to talk about it.

The first thing I noticed was how clean the user interface is, it’s typical google minimalism. The home screen has 5 buttons; stream, photos, circles, profile and huddle.

Stream is basically the same as your facebook news feed, but a quick swipe allows you to see the most recent items and also anything that’s been posted close to your current location.

Photos lets you see images on your G+ account, images recently shared by people in your circles and images on your phone, sharing images from your phone is a doddle.

I won’t explain circles here, it’s the main killer feature of google + and the app gives easy access to it. Circles is cool, check it out, it gives you the control over who you share what with that facebook has been crying out for.

Profile is well, your profile, it doesn’t do much except show things you’ve posted.

Huddles then is the last feature, and I’ve saved the best for last. Huddles is a live text chat client, it lets you have a text conversation without using your sms allowance in a similar way to Blackberry messenger. But that’s not the cool part, the cool part is that you can have conversations with more than one person, you can add more people to the chat and create your own private chatroom on your phone.

Whether Google+ takes off is anyone’s guess right now, but the app is a winner.

It’s currently only on Android but Google have submitted an iPhone app for approval. Wonder how long that will take?

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