Google Allo launches and brings even more to chat

There may be lots of options out there when it comes to chat platforms but that hasn’t stopped Google adding their very own to the mix. Google Allo launches with more options for your chats including doodles, stickers, a host of emojis and Google Assistant integration.


Smart Reply


google allo features


There are lots of unique little tweaks on the Google Allo platform that elevate your chat experience including the new Google Smart Reply. This feature allows you to choose from a varied menu of replies that are displayed above the typing area so you can select a whole response without the need to type.


The more you use the app the more Google Smart Reply learns how you interact and respond so your reply options become tailored to you with your most used phrases and responses.


Google Allo Chat interface


The chat interface delivers more than just text options with a press on the plus symbol you can share a whole load more. The camera can be selected from within the chat window so you can share a photo or video instantly and the image can be drawn or written on with a choice of colours.


Stickers on Google Allo


allo stickers


The Google Allo stickers give you a huge choice of designs that have been created by independent studios and artists from around the world.


Google Allo Assistant

This latest chat app from Google has advanced integration with Google Assistant preview edition which gives you access to a huge amount of information without having to leave the chat window.


google assistant


To activate the Google Assistant feature you simply need to type @Google and as soon as you type @ this @Google suggestion pops up for easy selection.


Asking questions with the @Google text within the conversation will bring up Google Cards that both of you can see so there could be restaurant suggestions with the option to make a reservation by calling the number or directions from Google Maps for you to both find your way there.


The Google Assistant can be accessed when not using the chat window, you can simply chat with the Assistant to get all sorts of information such as the nearest transport links or news and sports scores.


The artificial learning aspect of the Google Assistant will help the app to learn more about your preferences in order to give you more relevant options and information. The Assistant may ask you what cuisine you prefer when looking for a nearby restaurant and will keep the information for future suggestions.


Allo Incognito Chat


incognito chat


Concerns over privacy are always present when chatting over mobile devices and Google Allo allows incognito chats with end-to-end encryption. You can also specify that the chat expires after an amount of time, chosen by you, and they will be removed from the chat history.


After having used Google Allo, I have to say I am a fan! The intuitive Google Assistant and auto text replies make this a winner in my book. You may be thinking you have all the chat features you need in your current preferred chat interface but I think after you give Allo a go you will be converted too!


Have you tried Google Allo? What did you think of it? Do you think there are enough chat platforms out there already? Share your thoughts below or join the conversation on Google+.

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