Gmail update causes Android issues.

A few weeks ago google announced that google account users with the suffix could have a new address.

I got the message and immediately clicked on the button for a shiny new address and everything went fine.  Until I started to notice problems with my phone.

My HTC Hero wouldn’t download from android marketplace anymore, my calendar stopped synching and the gmail app wouldn’t work anymore.

After a bit of researchI figured it out, changing your to effects all your google services, mail, calendar, talk, etc AND YOUR PHONE IF IT’S LINKED TO THE ACCOUNT.

When you make the change, your phone continues to try and connect using the old account and certain services will no longer connect including calendar and marketplace. This issue seems to be effecting most if not all android handsets including the HTC Desire, Hero and the like.

Unfortunately you can’t add a second account to your android phone, so you have a few options:

  1. Don’t Change to
  2. Change back to
  3. Backup and factory reset your phone, then start again with

I didn’t fancy 3, and it was too late for 1 so I changed my email back to and everything worked perfectly again after a quick restart of my phone.

From what I’ve read it seems google know about the problem and are working on a fix, knowing google it won’t take long but in the mean time, just say no, there’s no real advantage other than is cooler (yes, I’m a nerd).

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