Day 1 – Just Bought Myself Two Huge Bags of Mini Eggs Because I Wasn’t Stupid Enough To Give Up Chocolate For Lent. Just Facebook.

Facebook Free, Day 1:

Over the years I have literally become addicted to Facebook. I’ve rekindled past friendships, formed relationships and been involved in hell raising arguments, through the aid of Facebook (who hasn’t?). I’ve also shared photographs, organised events, formed groups, sold unwanted possessions and used it as a marketing tool in various job roles. There’s no denying that Facebook is one of the most useful websites on the internet however recently, I decided that it was time to take a break from Facebook. Ironically this was on Tuesday, the day before lent – perfect timing!

So today marks the first day of my Facebook free life. I usually access Facebook through my iPhone, first thing in the morning subconsciously, (just to stay up-to-date with the alcoholic insomniacs updating their statuses at 4am in the morning) so I deleted the app before bed to avoid failing six hours into my challenge.

We’ve been set a group assignment at uni and my group and I have been sharing ideas for our project on a private Facebook group. Until now. This doesn’t go down well, we’re now having to share ideas and attachments through e-mail … can you imagine?! SO 2004!! I even had to find a YouTube video (of Adele’s rude gesture at the Brits!) that everyone else shared on Facebook, by looking for it manually…

It’s only been a day. 39 to go.

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