Day 7 – The Great Sock Discovery

Facebook Free, Day 7:

Another successful day managing to avoid public transport (as well as Facebook, I’d like to add). This evening I’m imposing myself on Bex, who’s currently living in Manchester, although she’s taking full advantage of my stay.  Despite spending the morning doing a presentation (which went really well!) and the afternoon – and late evening –  starting on the next presentation, I was cordially invited to participate (forced to partake) in an interview about my experience in Affiliate Marketing, in bed, at 11:30 PM. Luckily (and perhaps sadly – it was 11:30 at night) I was happy to help.


Following this, because we’re really exciting people, we fell asleep discussing digital marketing, not before finding half of Bex’s sock draw hiding at the bottom of her bed. It’s astonishing how many socks one can harbor under a duvet.


After her last unsuccessful attempt at tagging me in at Piccolino’s (Day Three – Facebook, you have no idea what you’ve missed out on in these last three days) Bex “@” me on a post on Twitter … which is a lot more fun than I imagined – not least because the feeds I get are from fashion editors and celebrities that I don’t speak to, not people from where I live that I don’t speak to. The former are a lot more interesting.


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