Girly Mobile Phones!

LG Etna KS360 PinkBriefly: Bored of boring dull phones that are not attractive to us women, look no further than Mobilesplease with a great range of the latest phones specifically for girls!

Gone where the days when manufacturers would produce pink phones that just looked pretty but didn’t have the brains…now models such as the Blackberry 8300 Pearl in Pink, the Nokia 6600 Fold Purple and Samsung G600 Pink are all coming out in gorgeous girly colours. Here is a breakdown of our top phone for your girlies!

LG Etna

One of my favourite is the LG KS360 Etna PinkĀ  which is a stunning little slide phone with full QWERTY keyboard, a light weight design and all the features of a smartphone. This handset is made for textaholics and email addicts everywhere and with a 2 mega pixel camera, 15MB of onboard memory and EDGE/GPRS technology it is one of the best latest phones!

Blackberry 8120 Pink

This stunning Rim handset comes in a pearly pink and makes for a really cute pocket friendly handset! With a full QWERTY keyboard this is the original business phone and the pink design will add a bit of fun to a hard day in the office. Make use of the email client, 2 mega pixel camera plus easy photo uploading to share your pics on facebook.

Nokia 6600 Fold Purple

This handset oozes luxury with a sleek flip design to reveal both a hidden OLED external screen and a medium sized 2.13 inch internal screen. The magnetic flip mechanism is good to play with along with the 2 mega pixel camera, Media Player with FM radio and 15MB of onboard memory.

Samsung U900 Soul Pink

This high tech tri-band phone is not only gorgeous but comes with a amazing 5 mega pixel camera! With touchpad navigation it is very simple to use and is extremely pocket friendly. This handset also supports Word, Excel and PDF files so its perfect for work as well.

Get into the world of pink with Mobilesplease!

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