Get Paid to Text – No, Really

Every now and again we see a deal that makes us do a double take,  like this one for the Nokia 1800.

The deal is for 100 minutes and unlimited texts and costs £20.42 per month for 18 months – a total of £367.56, but you get £370 cashback, putting you in the black by a couple of quid.

So why would anyone pay you to take a phone – albeit a basic one – away and get free calls and texts?

The devil is in the details, to get your cashback you have to send in multiple coupons over the term of the contract, and the retailers bank on the fact that most people aren’t organised enough to remember to send in all the coupons.

This tactic of offering cashback or free gifts then making you jump through hoops to get them isn’t new, and mobile phone companies aren’t the only ones at it.  The redemption rates on these kind of deals are usually around 50%, so 50% of the people who go for these deals never collect their cashback.

So on this Nokia 1800 deal, if we work on the basis that 50% of people don’t claim, the deal on average nets £10.21 a month, which is about the same price as the cheapest deal for this phone without any cashback or free gifts.

If you’re in the 50% that’s organised enough to send off your coupon every month then this is a great deal – all the texts you can send for -14p a month, if not you’re better off avoiding the cashback deals and sticking to a straightforward deal.

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