Galaxy S2 Mini and Nokia E7 Coming to 3 Soon

Engadget has got it’s hands on the spring handset line up for the 3 network, and the Galaxy S2 Mini is the star of the show. The slightly smaller 3.7″ hardly qualifies as mini but the rest of the stats look impressive.

The Galaxy S2 Mini will land in April and will ship with android 2.3 Gingerbread, it will have a 1.4 GHz processor and a 5mp camera.

It’s getting hard to differentiate between Android handsets at the moment, there are so many similar devices out there, but this one does look good. Samsung’s screens are usually nice and their build quality has always been solid. If you’re looking for a high powered android phone that isn’t huge then this could be the one for you.

On the downside, Samsung’s UI is a little questionable, it’s by no means dreadful but it can be a little on the slow side compared to stock Android or HTC’s Sense UI.

The 3 release schedule also includes a June début for Nokia’s E7,  this looks like a cracking phone, with 720p DV out, 8MP camera, HD video and dual flash the E7 is a top camera/video phone.  The 4″ AMOLED screen and slide out qwerty keyboard are great features too, but the E7 will succeed or fail on it’s operating system.

Symbian, whether you think it’s any good or not, has a limited lifespan. Nokia are going all out WinPho7 and despite their promise of continued development and support for Symbian you have to wonder how long it will last.

With Nokia’s reputation and market share in ruins, and Android growing exponentially it’s hard to see anyone but the most ardent Nokia fans choosing the E7 over the alternatives.

Also coming to 3 in May  is the HTC Flyer, HTC’s first foray into the tablet market. The early buzz on the Flyer has been good but given that it’s priced so closely to the iPad it’s got some stiff competition.

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