Galaxy Note – What Exactly is it?



Samsung is a name that is world renowned as being synonymous with technology but also interestingly has links to other industries that you might not expect such as; fashion, medicine, finance and hotels. Its flagship company, Samsung Electronics, has recently produced a new mobile device that has everyone confused as to what it actually is which is called the Galaxy Note.


The Galaxy Note is a one of a kind product. It could be said to be both a smartphone and a tablet or rather a mutated splice between the two different types of product. It has a massive screen for a phone at 5.3 inches but it is quite small for a tablet with some of the bigger ones coming in at 10 inches. This is just one of the features that has us all collectively scratching our heads.




The Galaxy Note is being positioned by Samsung to be a smartphone that bridges the gap to the tablet market, I believe. The below videos show exactly this.




From the videos we can see that it has an impressive range of features that exist in both smartphones and in tablets. It is however made exclusively with smartphone users in mind. The screen I think is just to make its features appear even more impressive than they are.


It also seems to be trying to target multiple groups of consumers including business people, designers and journalists.


A common problem with smartphones is how much you have to scroll up and down to see anything. This is solved by the size of the screen making it easier to view websites and documents. Something that business people may find hard to do on a laptop/ tablet on the go while also making phone calls.


Another problem that some might find is that it can be difficult to take notes/ draw on the go when an idea suddenly hits you. This could be seen as a common problem for designers, architects and other creative types, which the Galaxy Note looks to target.


The final group that the Galaxy Note looks to target are those who like to capture videos/pictures and get them uploaded quickly. The journalist/paparazzi fit quite nicely into the video with a USB camera that apparently doesn’t quite measure up to the Note.


The tagline at the end of one video sums up the Galaxy Note and its positioning:


“Phone? Tablet? It’s Galaxy Note!”


The final part is written in a much larger font that’s made to look like hand writing, neatly tying into the name of the product. Samsung has made a product so simple yet amazing that it is hard to define it as a single thing which has made for a controversial yet notable and thought provoking tagline.


Who is it for?


Its main targets are people from business, social and creative backgrounds but I also think it would be a great piece of technology for a student. This is because students from school to university will all find that they will have a variety of projects to do and the majority of them don’t like to carry pens and paper about but they do love their technology. This is the perfect blend of the two and would be fantastic for this additional group.


So what exactly is it?


The Samsung mobile; Galaxy Note is a smartphone that masquerades as a tablet. The truth of the matter it is the best of both worlds. It is positioned for business people, socialites and creative’s but it can easily be as great for students. The main part of the slogan sums it up because it truly is in a world of its own.
“It’s Galaxy Note!”

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