Galaxy Note 7 Rumours: Image leak shows Iris Scanner

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 rumours are rife at the moment and as speculation builds about the next phablet from Samsung more and more image leaks are coming our way. The latest image leak shows the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with a possible iris scanner, taking the security of the device to the next level.


Note 7 Iris Scanner


The image leaks were uploaded to Twitter and seem to show a number of lenses on the front of the phone including one which looks to be an iris scanner.


note 7 design


The many lenses on the front increase the odds of the iris scanner making it on to the final release of the Galaxy Note 7 and a previous leaked image of a supposed face plate for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 also seemed to confirm this.


Image Credit: Steve Hemmerstoffer

Image Credit: Steve Hemmerstoffer Twitter


Smartphone iris scanner


smartphone iris scanner


The iris scanner is not a new thing in the smartphone world with a number of manufacturers looking at the added security of eye scanning technology (The Lumia 950XL had an iris scanner). However the fingerprint scanner seems to be the sensor of choice for the most recent slew of phones but perhaps the iris scanner will be the next step as others follow in Samsung’s footsteps.


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 specifications


note 7 rumours


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 rumours point to the Android N OS on board along with an octacore processor and the camera on the back has been rumoured from a 12-megapixel lens with Advanced OIS to a 24-megapixel snapper. The release date is expected at the beginning of August so whether you want to know what new features the S Pen will have or you want to see the latest Note series display in action you don’t have to wait too long.


note 7 s pen features


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